A very good friend of mine sent me a postcard with this quote on it years ago. It sat on my desk
when I was a massage instructor at a school here in California. It made an appearance in the
classroom from time to time. And, it now lives in my studio where I run my full-time private
practice. There have been many times that I have seen this postcard and reflected on what this
message means to me and how I want to implement it into my life.

Just Show Up.
At many times life takes a toll on us. Emotionally. Mentally. Physically. We are in a
constant cycle of being pulled by the demands of this world. Giving our time and energy to our
clients and the people around us. Sometimes we are not sure what to do or how to respond to
these demands. I remember from this quote that all I have to do is “Just Show Up”. Be present
in the moment. Allow myself to be fully available to the task or person at hand. I cannot worry
about what will happen or how it will happen. I can only be.

Be Brave.
One might think of a warrior or being able to face or endure danger or pain without
showing fear. To me, I see this as an opportunity to live my truth and be unapologetic for being
my true authentic self. To say ‘No’ when needed. Standing up for myself. Asking for help when I
need it and being ok with my own vulnerabilities. It is ok to show fear and to even cry. My
husband often tells me “better out, than in” meaning that it’s better to let out the tears or
emotions than to bottle them up inside ourselves.

Be Kind.
As Massage Therapists, we are very capable of holding space for people and having
compassion for anyone on our tables. I believe that this extends beyond our treatment rooms
and into our daily lives. Many times we can be consumed with what is going on in our own lives
and stop to think about what the other person is dealing with. A smile and an earnest inquiry of
how the other person’s day is going can go a long way. They feel seen and heard while helping
you get your needs met when dealing with a compromising situation.

I don’t see this just as getting a good night’s sleep. Don’t get me wrong, sleep is really
important especially when we need to be in good health to hold space for our clients. I look at
this as a way to remind myself that it is ok to take time for myself. Getting into the outdoors and
soaking up nature. Allowing myself to have scheduled time off from seeing clients, setting
boundaries with my work schedule and not feeling guilty for doing so. This part of the quote
reminds me that I am good enough, that I have worked enough and that I do good work. I
deserve to take a break.

Try Again.
Whatever the outcome from the day or how happy (or unhappy) I am with the results, I
will always have the opportunity to try again.

What do you take away from this quote by Glennon Doyle? I would love to hear your thoughts
on our AMTA-CA Facebook page. I look forward to reading your comments.

-Karl Reid-Cramer