Podcasts: The Resource You Could Be Overlooking

Compiled by Michael Roberson, Newsletter Editor


First, what is a podcast?  Simply put: a podcast is an audio program, just like Talk Radio, but you subscribe to it on your smartphone and/or computer and listen to it whenever you like, and all focused on a particular topic or theme (like Massage Therapy).

Second, why would you want to subscribe to a podcast?  As stated above, you can tailor your podcast list to your interests.  So, when looking at massage therapy podcasts, you can tailor them to fit research, business, and marketing, teaching, techniques, modalities, etc.

Here are five reasons to consider adding podcasts to your playlists:

  • Get inspired!  What/Who inspires you? What interests do you have? What are you passionate about?  Chances are, there is a podcast waiting for you to explore.
  • Stay Educated! Learn new things about your interests.
  • Personal and Professional Growth!  Podcasts can offer a world of resources and insight.
  • Escape! Podcasts can also opportunities for just pure enjoyment.
  • Optimize Your Time! Podcasts offer all of the above at a touch on your smartphone.  Listen between clients, on your commutes, during workouts, etc.  Many are just short chats, while others can get in-depth about the topic (and you can always hit “pause” if you need to stop.).

Below are just a few of the podcasts with a focus on massage therapy.  Check them out.  If you have one that is one of your favorites we did not list, share it with us on our Facebook page.


Massage Therapy Foundation Research Perch – https://massagetherapyfoundation.libsyn.com

Research Perch is a podcast designed to help you learn how to use massage therapy research in your practice. Each episode digs into a specific article from the International Journal of Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork (IJTMB) and unpacks it, so you know how it applies to you. Grow your massage therapy practice and serve your clients better with the power of research!


Massage Business Blueprint – https://www.massagebusinessblueprint.com

Allissa Haines and Michael Reynolds bring you the leading podcast discussing the business side of massage therapy and how to grow your practice. Follow to keep up with our podcast.


Life Beyond The Massage Table – https://soundcloud.com/rmtlife

A short, weekly talk about the realities of running a Massage Therapy practice – or any health, wellness or fitness business, really. You have probably got great hands-on skills and work well with your clients one-on-one. Most of you have that stuff down. But it is the stuff ‘beyond the massage table’, beyond the treatment room, office or studio, that you might need advice on. (From Canada)


The Business of Massage and Wellness – https://massagechampions.com

It is not always easy running a massage business when you need to balance client time against ‘on the business’ needs. In this podcast, you will hear stories from successful massage therapists that have been there before you and a bunch of free tips and tactics for marketing, advertising, systems, mindset and growth of your massage practice so you can really thrive. (From Australia)


Your Massage Practice – https://yourmassagepractice.podbean.com

Your Massage Practice podcast is timeless advice for running a successful massage practice. Follow to get regular updates from this podcast in your inbox.


Massage Therapy Now – https://massagetherapynow.podbean.com

This is a health and wellness podcast that explores the field of Registered Massage Therapy and the many topics that relate to it. The Podcasts are done in an interview style with people who work every day in and around the field of Massage.


How’s the Pressurehttps://howsthepressure.com

This podcast is a collection of interviews and conversations from the field of massage therapy. Guests include successful bodyworkers, business owners and teachers. The goal is to create a forum to discuss best practices and share meaningful experiences. The subject matter ranges from table etiquette to the future of massage therapy. It is a place for bodyworkers to come together, ask questions, and participate in the progression of the industry.


The Busy Hive’s Massage Podcast – https://busyhive.libsyn.com

Every week on the Busy Hive Podcast, Krzys Klinowski interviews the massage world most inspirational characters in the massage industry. To extract their stories of the beginning, on how they started as a therapists or business. And to bring some inspiration and find out all the secrets of the massage, here you will find The Truth about massage therapy.  (From the UK)


2 Massage Therapists and a Microphone – https://www.2rmtsandamic.com

Discussions on all things Massage Therapy, Health, Wellness, and Fitness. Join us in creating a network to share knowledge, educate, and entertain the masses. (From Canada)


Massage Therapy Without Borders – https://www.healwell.org/podcasts/

This podcast, massage therapy educators, practitioners and positive deviants Cathy Ryan, RMT and Cal Cates, LMT will use research, science, experience and humor to explore the differences and similarities in the practice, regulation, education trends and so much more of the “landscape” of the massage therapy profession in Canada and the United States and beyond.