Practice Builder: How are you connecting with your clients during the holidays?

Posted By: AMTA California Newsletter Editor

I have made it a practice to send out Christmas cards to all of my clients whom I have seen in the last 3 years.  Cards are usually sent on Black Friday, contain a personal note of “thanks” and the Season’s Greetings.  No sales. No offers.  Just a card with appreciation and greetings.

What do I get as my ROI (return on investment)?
Calls, text messages, emails, a card in return, and APPOINTMENTS!
Clients who may have been putting off or waiting for that “right time,” now make their next appointment.  I will also see an increase in Gift Certificate sales (I have both, paper and ecards).

I can cover the costs of the cards, postage, and materials with just a couple of client bookings, but see that expense paid back to me many times over.  (By the way, I also send clients birthday cards (paper or e-card) and anniversary cards (anniversary date of first appointment with a review of progress).  I have these cards within a calendar-monthly folder ready to go.)

This is something I do.  What do you do?  Please share on our Facebook page.  Your ideas could be the boost one of your colleagues need to keep their business going.

Great Success to You! and Happy Healthy Holidays!