President’s Message – California Currents June 2021

We can’t wait to meet with everyone again! The initial feedback that has been received about the California Chapter Conference has been very positive. It was a great weekend of information and inspiration. All of my expectations were exceeded with each of the speakers. I want to thank them all:

  • Mike Hamm
  • Erica Blitz
  • Ruth Werner
  • Caterina Rondo
  • Cynthia Ribeiro
  • Tracey Davis
  • Carole Osbourne
  • Jeana Iwalani Naluai
  • Brent Morton

Each brought their own style and energy to their presentations and I can’t speak enough to the quality of the information that was shared all weekend.


While the speakers are always front and center, I’d also like to thank the Chapter Board for their incredible efforts and energy to pull this together:

  • Megan Martin – Board Member
  • Bonni Kelley – Board Member
  • Michael Roberson – Financial Administrator
  • Karl Reid-Cramer – Secretary

I would like to give special thanks to Megan Martin who interfaced with each of the speakers to get them up to speed and prepared to share time with us. I’d also like to acknowledge the education committee that provided input and support to Megan, Shannon Leu, and Allison Anderson.


Not to be outdone, there’s absolutely no doubt in my mind we’d be sitting somewhere in a corner with a candle trying to figure out how to put this all together if it wasn’t for the expertise of CALMA Company, for providing creative solutions to difficult problems and supporting our every move. My deepest and most heartfelt thanks to:

  • Jeff Milde
  • Trevor Hinkley
  • Sara Shippy

They handled the backstage management of the Conference with expertise I have grown to appreciate and admire.


What’s next? Well, there’s a new Board Member, Tracy Albuera, a new Delegate, Natalie Seiden, and Michael Roberson will continue serving as our Financial Administrator.


The Board is currently planning virtual happy hours to meet with members in each region across the state; we are determining the path forward for more educational events; and when the world is ready, in-person hands-on workshops, (I hope I didn’t just jinx it).


Thank you again to each one of you for supporting State Conference. Our registration numbers topped 500! We want to continue performing at a high level of engagement and to repeat myself…we’re looking forward to seeing you all very soon…and because it can never be said enough…THANK YOU!


Phil Okazaki,
CA Chapter President