President’s Message – California Currents Winter 2020-2021

“Whatever it is that makes you feel excited and alive, that clears the path for more of what you feel passionate about, that helps you feel connected to the charm of navigating endless twists and turns within the labyrinth of your own imagination – allow it to be part of your day…a part of your life.” – Carrie Ciula

I’m ready to start clearing the path for more…are you?

There’s something to be said when the State of California formally recognizes Massage Therapy as part of the medical community. Is this the dawning of a new chapter for our profession? Are we ready to move forward? These are difficult questions and I know your Chapter Board and Association are ready to have the necessary conversations and take the appropriate actions.

Are you passionate about the profession? Do you want to contribute to our incredible industry? Are you excited to contribute to the changes ahead? We will soon be sending out the call for candidates. Chapter Board elections are coming up and we’re looking for passionate and excited volunteers that would like to support us in the role of Board Member, Financial Advisor, and Delegate. Keep your eyes open for position descriptions. If you are intrigued by this notion, reach out to Megan Martin, Michael Roberson, and Stacey DeGooyer; they can tell you about their positions and share their insight.

I can say this profession is definitely a strong part of my life. When I think about where I could have gone before becoming a Massage Therapist, I’m grateful I made the choice to enter our field. The connections we make with each other and our clients are incredibly valuable. I find a deep motivation to continue to enhance my knowledge and skills whenever possible. To this end, our State Conference is coming! We may be virtual, but the experience will be one that is creative and satisfying. This is one of those times that I wish I could tell you more…until we confirm all the speakers and the virtual space, I’m just going to have to say…I’m VERY excited!!

New opportunities are on the horizon…there’s a lot for us to anticipate…I’m looking forward to sharing these new experiences with you! We will see you soon!!

Phil Okazaki
California Chapter President
CAMTC #75851