President’s Message – Summer/Fall 2021

Engage (inner nerd chuckles just a little bit). This issue contains information regarding the AMTA’s efforts to establish licensure in California. Did you know:

  • Forty-five states require state licensure to practice Massage Therapy?
  • The District of Columbia, Puerto Rico, Guam, and the U.S. Virgin Islands also have required licensure to practice Massage Therapy?
  • Kansas, Minnesota, and Wyoming have pending licensure legislation for Massage Therapy?

AMTA is working towards establishing true reciprocity for the profession. The lack of common standards creates a few obstacles for Therapists that want to move from one state to another, even if they both have Massage Therapy regulations; moving from one regulated state to an unregulated state; working in one state while living in another. If you’re interested in the AMTA Position Statement regarding Massage Therapy Portability, it can be found here:

As of now, Governor Gavin Newsom has signed the CAMTC Sunset Bill which keeps the CAMTC in place until January 1, 2023. Another sunset process will begin and now is the time to begin engaging with local legislators regarding our profession’s need for licensure. It is my sincerest hope we will be sending information to members with guidance to properly contact these committee members.

Another type of engagement that is coming quickly…in person, hands-on workshops are back! The Board is currently working with instructors to provide in-person classes during the first two weeks of November. We are also working on potential virtual workshops for October – keeping my fingers crossed on this one; I’m hoping it happens…there are some ducks that aren’t quite in their row…yet!

The last type of engagement for this issue…National Massage Therapy Awareness Week! This week of massage awareness is scheduled for October 24th – 30th. Inside this issue, we’ve shared some resources and ideas to help celebrate this awesome week! There are some additional resources on the AMTA website. There might be some interesting things showing up from us during that week…keep an eye out…I’ve got fingers and toes crossed that everything gets done.

Thank you all for your continued support!

Phil Okazaki
California Chapter President
American Massage Therapy Association