Review of the National Convention and Assembly of Delegates

Our Delegates representing the California Chapter, Hugo Cruz (2022-2023) and Natalie Seiden (2021-2022) at the Assembly of Delegates, National Convention, Cleveland, OH

From Natalie:

For me, the experience was great being able to meet so many of the delegates that I have had the pleasure of sharing space with through the virtual open houses. The AOD was a great opportunity for us all to share our thoughts on our role as Delegates. Prior to the AOD, many Delegates were confused and concerned that they were not sure of what to do as a Delegate or how to interact within their own chapters and most importantly with the members. We came up with some good thoughts and ideas all of which will be in the report that I/we will share with you once it’s uploaded in the HUB, are you all using the HUB? [and this will be shared after the official AOD report from National is complete.]

On a personal note, it was great to be able to venture out after a couple of years of being isolated here in Los Angeles with one exception earlier in the year traveling out of the country. It was great to see how the Convention was facilitated and was very inspiring to see and hear someone as amazing as Michael Phelps share his thoughts on topics including mental health and his journey. It was also great to be able to connect with my Co-Delegate, Hugo, as we had only met once previously via a quick connection at one of the Board meetings earlier in the Summer. Hugo and I were able to share our thoughts on being a Delegate and connect with other chapter volunteers and members at various spots around Cleveland. The experience was one I am glad I was able to have since I was elected during the height of the Pandemic and was only able to attend my first AOD virtually. This is my second year and glad I have been able to experience what it is to be a Delegate and looking forward to getting deeper into the role in my last year as a Delegate.

From Hugo:

The National Convention was an eye-opening experience, and I learned a lot from the speakers, the teachers, and my fellow peers. The Assembly of Delegates was an interesting experience. I felt welcomed and my fellow massage therapist made me feel at ease. It was easy to talk to everyone and it was nice to hear the other massage therapists’ thoughts and opinions about the profession. I met some really cool and nice people.

Natalie, the other California Delegate, was super nice and fun to hang out with. I talked to her a lot throughout the convention, and we agreed on a lot of the same ideas. Our primary goals for our clients were easing their pain, helping them get better, and to help them live a lifestyle they could enjoy for years to come.

The opening session was awesome. Michael Phelps was as funny as he was inspiring. Hearing him talk on the panel was really insightful and it was a fantastic way to start the convention.

My CEU’s were very informative. I learned a ton about client documentation and the massage business. I thought I knew a lot but there is always more to learn. I enjoyed spending time with the California Chapter and getting to know everyone more than I could have virtually. It was nice to have moments where we could talk and get to know each other.

I am excited to see how my role as a Delegate unfolds through these next couple of years. I hope to move the massage industry in a direction towards more accessibility, integrity, and validity. Thank you for sending me to the convention!