Guanghuo Lighter Chen with “TOMii Wellness: Intro to TCM and Acupressure”

Guanghuo Lighter Chen


Sunday, April 14, 2024, 8:45am-12:45pm

This is an In Person Course Only

Traditional Chinese Medicine & Acupressure manage chronic pain conditions class include yin and yang, five elements and relationship with Zang-Fu, 12 meridians and its relationship with specific chronic health conditions. Our trained acupressure therapists can help clients, who suffer from chronic conditions (chronic pain, insomnia, poor digestion, lower immunity, etc.) achieve measurable and sustainable health results through the combination of acupressure and cupping therapy.

About Guanghuo Lighter Chen :

CAMTC certificate holder since 2010 , AMTA member, founder of Tomii healing and wellness since 2010 , published < the pathway to health and energy > in Amazon in 2022; graduated from Jack Welch Management Institute MBA in healthcare in 2023.