May 2023 – President’s Message

It is time to express my deepest gratitude to those of you who made the investment in yourselves and our industry. The California State Conference served as an opportunity for us to reconvene as a Chapter and add to our knowledge and skills as Massage Therapists. It is too easy for us to stay focused on our own practices and treatment rooms and Conference served as a reminder of the world in which Massage Therapy can be a powerful influence for change.

This State Conference serves as a launch event for the coming fiscal year. We still have a lot to accomplish, and the Board is renewing our dedication to each one of you. The list of educational opportunities in 2023 is varied and exciting. We are continuing to work towards meeting the needs of all of our members. We will continue with a mix of in-person and virtual events to give everyone an opportunity to benefit from the knowledge and experience of each of our educators this year.

I’m also incredibly excited to reignite local volunteer opportunities with our Community Committees. We have a few members who have decided to take the step forward and help the Chapter Board reach out to meet the needs of the vast membership we enjoy in California. These Community Committees will help the Board connect with our members locally. We look forward to hearing from everyone as we enhance our ability to hear the needs and wants of each of the communities in California.

While there is a great amount of promise in the coming year, the success of AMTA and the California Chapter continues to rely upon the input and effort of our members and volunteers. We are celebrating the 80th Anniversary of AMTA the entire year and it serves as a reminder of the legacy of those that came before us. The challenges they faced and overcame paved the way for the industry we currently enjoy. We must all remember that we are all stewards of this profession and everything we choose to do…or choose not to do…has an impact on each and every one of us. We all have the opportunity to choose continuing to build and enhance our industry. I, for one, believe it is my responsibility to leave the industry in a better place than I found it; it is still my mission to find new ways to help us move forward together.

I invite everyone to join us on this journey of renewal and advocacy. The more voices we hear, the better we can represent the needs of our industry. I thank you for giving me the opportunity to serve you and I will continue to find ways to share the benefits and value of our industry to those that can help us validate our place in the lives of our clients/patients. It will take our concerted efforts to keep moving forward.

Phil Okazaki,

California Chapter President