President’s Message – Fall 2022

Inspired…motivated…driven. This is how I feel when returning from National Convention; I feel this way after State Conference as well. The Board is deeply committed to providing opportunities to all the members to learn and grow within the field. I’m sure you’ve noticed the plethora of learning opportunities and those will continue into 2023.

In 2023, continuing education classes will continue and we’re already talking about the State Conference which will be held in Santa Ana. Once we’ve finalized the details for the location and conference space, a save the date will be sent to all members. For now, know that we’re aiming for the end of April 2023.

We know the size of our state makes is difficult to connect closely with everyone. We are working closely with National to devise a solution where we can receive input and collaborate with all regions of California. We are all very excited to announce this initiative and once we get the green light it’s going to be full steam ahead. This will provide a great entry level opportunity for those of you who are interested in volunteering and supporting Massage Therapists and Massage Therapy in California!

While we are finding new ways to improve the support we offer to our colleagues, there will be new Government Relations initiatives coming. You may have seen the first Government Relations webinar; this was recorded and will be placed on the Chapter website along with a frequently asked questions worksheet. All the Government Relations webinars will be recorded for later viewing. If any questions arise from interacting with the videos, you are encouraged to send questions directly to Government Relations; their contact information will be readily available alongside the videos and FAQ sheet.

We have many opportunities coming, and we are truly excited to continue to offer everyone educational support and avenues to contribute. Keep your eyes open for a way you feel comfortable participating. This is your chapter; we are your board. It’s time to shake things up!

Phil Okazaki,
California Chapter President